Narziss Goldmund

Narziss and Goldmund are the two main characters from a book of the same name by Herman Hesse. On the one hand, I use this pseudonym in line with the earlier tradition of giving your work the name of someone you admired; on the other hand, I recognize myself in both main characters and they represent a recognizable field of tension for me.
Narziss and Goldmund approach life from a different angle, one more contemplative, focused on gaining insight, the other focused on immersion in experience. Previously I worked under my own name.

Background to work
An important part of my work has a (mystical) religious or philosophical background. However, my definition of the religious is much broader than usual.
Over the years I have come to see that language relies largely on images, on form. Words become hostage to form rather than essence. When we think of religion we think of churches, the Pope, perhaps an imam, a certain festival such as Easter, and so on. But thinking from these images leads us away from viewing religion as a focus on (numinous or divine) experience or state of mind. An experience of total silence or connection. A state freed from the concerns of the ego (or 'The Voice' in Buddhism). For me, therefore, the religious is pre-eminently 'outside' institutional boundaries. Yet I do not use the word spiritual, because I do work with religious traditions and teachings.

Many of man's activities are aimed at achieving a certain 'liberated' state of mind. Things like making music and sports are also sometimes aimed at this. In particular, a sport like sailing, which so clearly involves contact with the elements, can be seen as a religious act, if performed in that spirit. We also know the circling dance of the Sufis, another act aimed at a liberated state.
It is important to know this broader perspective of religion as a focus on achieving a state of mind in order to get a feel for my work, I think.
Both Narziss and Goldmund (in Herman Hesse's book) are looking for experiences and states of mind just like any human being, but they take different paths.

My work is about evoking subjective experiences and inspiring individual reflections.